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National Palace Museum, Taiwan: The Surreal, Terrifying Buddha Statue

No trip to Taiwan is complete without a visit to the National Palace Museum!  This museum boasts one of the largest collections of Chinese artifacts in the Sinosphere, if not the world.  In fact, every few months or so all the artifacts are swapped for a completely new set, and it’s only after more than 10 years that they actually start a new cycle all over again.  So, the stuff you see on your visit probably won’t be back on display again until another 15-16 years!

Here are some cool artifacts that I saw while going through the museum – the usual carved figurines, some arrowheads, a neat little abbacus, jade ornaments, cast-iron bowls, official seals, and miscellaneous pottery.  Definitely tag along with a tour group or hire out a competent guide if you wanna make sense of it all!


Here’s the front gate, which can be beautiful site in itself – and it’s totally free!

Old manuscripts with Chinese calligraphy, folding room screens and wooden room dividers are practically a staple for Chinese museums both in Taiwan and the mainland.

For me personally, what left the deepest impression of all was this bronze buddha statue and that wickedly evil expression – I didn’t think a buddha could be so mean and unfriendly!  But I’m probably missing some deeper spiritual truth!


How long can you stare into those eyes without being overwhelmed by terror? Any insights?

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